Nothing is more important than making yourself understood and being sure you understand everyone else.

We maintain a perfect simultaneous flow – coherent and meaningful – for everything that is spoken at conferences and similar events by using interpreter teams of two per booth or language.

We also organise all the technical equipment needed for language support of your conference or presentation as an additional service – including interpreter booths, microphones, receivers, sound systems etc. Organising a conference always involves an immense amount of precise and detailed work. Taking on all the tasks involving special language requirements for you is part of our job. We will be pleased to handle this aspect to perfection on your behalf and establish contacts to the best technology providers. Cooperation with these providers ensures that everything goes smoothly even for the biggest and most complex events.

Headphones and booths are not always on the agenda – consecutive interpreters in smaller and private encounters make sure that no single word is missed or misunderstood and every detail is translated into the required target languages at business negotiations, training sessions, official receptions, guided tours and many other events of a similar nature. Interpreters also have an important role in hospitals ensuring that doctors and patients fully understand each other.

Chuchotage is a form of interpreting where the interpreter stands or sits alongside a small target audience and whispers a simultaneous interpretation of what’s being said. Chuchotage is best suited for situations where only a small number of people require the interpretation; it is ideal for single person audiences.

Sign language interpreters are also an essential for many events …

We will be pleased to advise you on the ideal type of interpreting service for your event.

Interpreting services …

… international conferences
… business negotiations
… lectures and presentations
… corporate management events
… receptions
… audits and assessments
… training workshops or machine and plant instruction


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