About me

Mag. phil.
Silvia Glatzhofer

I am a widely experienced interpreter & translator for German, English and French and also a university lecturer, proof reader and editor in addition to my work as proprietor of glatzhofer translations.


Member of the Board of UNIVERSITAS Austria

In charge of the Mentoring Scheme of UNIVERSITAS Austria and active mentor


A few words that describe me:
thorough, language loving, reliable, quality-conscious and a self-confessed chocolate lover

A few words I never care to hear:
It’s not possible. But we have always done it that way! Snow line.

A few words I love:
Welcome to London!
Am I glad we had you here – the discussion went like clockwork!


A few words on interpreting:
Building bridges – quite simply the most exciting aspect of my profession.

A few words on translating:
Precision, conscientious hard work and research plus feeling for language and empathy are the essentials – and these are what I always bring to the job!

What is special about my company?
Reliability, adherence to schedules plus the best in quality and people always seem to sense that I love my work.


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