About me

A good translation does not just convey the same meaning, but it gets the music of the words right.

(Orhan Pamuk)

Mag. phil. Silvia Glatzhofer
I am a widely experienced interpreter & translator for German, English and French and also a university lecturer, proof reader and editor in addition to my work as proprietor of glatzhofer translations.


Member of Universitas Austria

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A few words that describe me:
thorough, language loving, reliable, quality-conscious and a self-confessed chocolate lover

A few words I never care to hear:
It's not possible. Snow line.

A few words I love:
Welcome to London!
Am I glad we had you here – the discussion went like clockwork!

A few words on interpreting:
Building bridges - quite simply the most exciting aspect of my profession.

A few words on translating:
Precision, conscientious hard work and research plus feeling for language and empathy are the essentials – and these are what I always bring to the job!

What is special about my company?
Reliability, adherence to schedules plus the best in quality and people always seem to sense that I love my work.